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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Apocalypse Hoodie progress

Apocalypse Hoodie progress
Originally uploaded by indienial.

Yes, this IS the worst photo ever in the entire world, but that's what happens when you play with camera phones after midnight!

This is how far I've got Ysolda's fantastic Apocalypse hoodie. I had to try it on for shaping purposes last night, and have decided it makes me look like a giant furry grape. It also sheds like a bitch but it will probably be fine after a wash. I'm using a 60% wool, 30% alpaca, 10% acrylic yarn which I have temporarily and very conveniently forgotten the name of. It's lovely to knit with though, and it seems to be an excellent substitute for the Rowan Polar, except for the shedding. But I have a cat, so I'm used to picking hair off all my clothes.

At the moment I'm worried I will look like a heifer in it ( ahh, vanity!) but that's most definitely due to my figure faults rather than to Ysolda's pattern. (Did I mention how much I love this pattern?!)

Also, I'm not sure if I wasn't paying attention somewhere along the line, or if the hood is designed to fit the Elephant Man. Whoops!

Anyway, the point of this post is that the original pattern has an intarsia tree at the bottom right hand front, and I'm not sure whether to go with the tree, or put something else there. I'm also torn between using pink or silver yarn for the intarsia and sleeve edges... if you have any ideas, post them in the comments!


Blogger Chuck said...

That looks so cool.

10:45 am  
Blogger Clementine said...

thanks chuck! i'm sure it will look better when it's finished tho!

11:07 am  
Blogger jazzyknits said...

ooh you sexy thang!! looks good Clementine!

1:59 pm  

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