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Friday, July 20, 2007

Charity Knitting over (for now)

Thank you to everyone who donated yarn! I haven't actually used every piece of it for this knit along but I figure that since I have it I can do charity knitting between projects. It also means when I don't have anything easy to knit on the bus I can do a square or a hat for charity.

Here is the hat I made from Noel's yarn

In total I sent 1 blanket square, 4 scarves and 2 hats to the ANZ knit along for charity. I'm pleased to say that ANZ are going to match the funds raised from the sale of our items dollar for dollar. One of my scarves sold while they were setting up the stalls for $25 so with the ANZ match it will be $50 which is 5 blankets (every $10 donation buys a blanket). Not bad for some bus knitting.

So what happened to the other squares you ask? There were 2 other squares knit from wool. I have sent these over to the Rebuilding Greensburg - block by block project. Details of which can be found here for non Lime and Violet listeners who may not have heard of it

Here are some of the pictures sent to me by the people setting up the ANZ stalls:


Blogger Michelle said...

wow! great job!

8:25 pm  
Blogger Noel said...

I love the hat!! It's awesome! Man you work quick! Thanks for the pic!

9:26 pm  

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