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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cheapest Kool-Aid yet...

How does 50c per packet sound?

Where? you cry. Um, you'll never guess. At Station Street Markets in Subiaco there is an El Salvadorean food stand selling pupusas and enchiladas and empanados (drool) and nachos and tacos. It has recently expanded to include a small range of central American foodstuffs. Cans of refried beans, and, um, to my surprise, imitation Kool-Aid. Awesome stuff. I was asking if it was for sale or display (it was part of a carefully curated arrangement of drygoods) and the lady told me "uh-huh. It's Kool-Aid." I can't remember the name of it, but it's definitely sugar-free (I deciphered the back of the packet, which is all in Spanish). Sold in packs of 10 (2 packets each of five colours/ flavours) for $5.00.
Should've seen the lady's face when I told her I used it as a dye.

If anyone ever wants some, I'm at the markets every week and happy to pick some up.


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