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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Silly hubby

So I was totally going to put up pictures of my latest FO and stash enhancements last night... but my Geek Husband, as he shall now be known because he is a big ol' geek, had other plans. He has invited guests for dinner tonight. Normally I would not have a problem with only having 1 nights notice but being sick last week and not having wrapped the pressies that were scattered through the lounge and dining area I kinda went into overdrive.
All gifts are now wrapped, the lounge looks like a lounge again, the dinning room still looks a little like a craft room but that wont take long to clear tonight when I get home. I also had to finish the gifts for the gang at work here cause that was actually last nights job and get some sleep *sigh*.
So hopefully I can actually get the photo's up here and on Ravelry tomorrow morning or tonight after our guests have gone. I'm on holidays until after new year once I knock off tonight!!!!!

For those of you that I don't see before Christmas - wishing you a great one, those of you who have nothing else on on Monday night I'll see you there.


Blogger Michelle said...

my husband knows better than to invite people over for dinner without several days notice.

of course once he invited people over for my birthday and had me cook for the guests...geez.

10:36 am  
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