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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've decided that knitting lace is to "normal" knitting as cryptic crosswords are to normal crosswords.

At first you can't work it out and it all goes horribly wrong and frustrates the crap out of you, and you curse the person who suggested that "Really, it's not that hard!". But then you start to work it out and it becomes more fun... and then eventually, you're a convert, and you can't see why anyone would want to do the "normal" version because it's just not challenging enough. You become the person who says "Really, it's not that hard!" to everyone else, and annoy the pants off them until they too cave in and take up cryptic crosswords/lace knitting.

So anyway... now I can proudly say: I do cryptic crosswords, I knit lace, and I AM that annoying person! Photos to come.


Blogger jazzyknits said...

yay for you becoming a lace convert !! I think I've become one of those annoying people too.. I just love knitting lace now!

3:52 pm  

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