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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Collars and cuffs may not match, but my scissors and knitting certainly do!

I'm making Candy from, using something something Plum Kid (yeah, I forgot the name and I don't have the label with me) which is 80% Kid Mohair, 15% wool and 5% acrylic... or something like that anyway.

I had planned on finishing the Go Everywhere (renamed: Going Nowhere) cardigan from the Stitch'n'Bitch book, and there's also the small matter of the self-imposed yarn buying ban, but it was ON SALE at Crossways, in exactly the right amounts I will need, according to the pattern. And the colours match my scissors perfectly! So it was fate.

Never mind that I am already part way through three cardigans (this makes four), or that I always seem to use more yarn than the pattern calls for (what's with that?), I couldn't leave this yarn behind to languish in a sale bin! It's so soft and fluffy, I've taken to leaving it by my bed (along with the Kid Seta) so I can fondle it periodically through the night protect it from the cat.


Blogger HelenLR said...

Now I know why I worry about my craft oriented friends! I have two cats and am convinced that neither one would know what to do with a ball of wool if they fell over it (I don't think that's normal in a cat). One prefers chasing the ends of straight needles - one reason to use circulars. Currently crocheting any way so this isn't an issue. Exomod visitors from last Monday (12 June) will be pleased to hear that the curly scarf is finished and has resulted in a double helix formation. Photo to follow.

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