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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

so give three cheers and one cheer more

for the hearty cap'n of the Pinafore (no, i never had to sing that with accompanying hand actions in primary school. nuh-uh. not me. no sir).

so i'm thinking of knitting a sort of lace pinafore. like this, but adult sized. and, well, nicer... cotton. 5 ply (because 4 ply is scary-fine, and 8 ply is too chunky). not sure what colour.

this is falling into the Chunky Twinkle Dress basket of fashion design, isn't it? like, things that should never be knitted? well too bad! i will make my damn pinafore and i will make it look damn fine. i will wear it with a skivvy and leggings and i will look tragically hip. you'll see. you'll all see!


Blogger Michelle said...

1978.....not the classiest of years. I know, I was alive back then.

9:56 pm  
Blogger Clementine said...

nah, it'll look cute on you! i wore pinafore type things all through my teenage years, before i realised they were hideously unflattering. hey, it the 90's!!

2:55 pm  

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