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Thursday, September 13, 2007


The annual Save the Children Book Sale is on again starting tomorrow night at 6pm. It is at the South Perth Civic Centre (Lesser Hall) on South Tce.
Friday 6pm - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm
Monday & Tuesday 9am - 5.30pm
Wednesday 9am - noon

I was there this morning helping set up and there were a couple of boxes of knitting pattern books but none that were my style. There are heaps of records, tapes and CD's (although I already bought the Pavarotti records that I found).


Blogger lupinbunny said...

They had the UWA STC book sale a few weeks ago. I bought some old Vogue Knitting and a Kaffe Fassett *confused* There are two STC book sales?

11:12 am  
Blogger Bibnbub said...

There must be, I think this one must have all the extra's because some of the boxes didnt look like they had been opened in a while.

8:15 am  

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