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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spider_Knit tagged me

So, um... I have no idea how to put the link in fancy like so click on Spider_Knits in the side bar and go to her blog :)

The Rules: Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. Before moving in with my now husband I had never owned a computer or used one regularly outside of the workplace. Now it is unusual if I haven’t turned my computer on to check Ravelry, ebay, emails, log into my games etc. Suffice to say I’m now addicted to my computer and the Internet. I understand some geek speak which regularly freaks me out because I don’t actually consider myself a geek (yet).

2. I use to be a (volunteer) member of the Melville/East Fremantle State Emergency Service. The guys called me bossy and a little obsessive about processes – can’t understand why?!?!

3. My 2 favourite ice-cream flavours are – Chocolate & Peanut Butter (Baskin-Robbins) and Ultra Choc (Sara Lee). There’s a reason for my waist line, and I’m not giving up the chocolate!

4. I won a limbo competition when I was 12, the prize was a scenic helicopter ride. Given the choice, I would not ride in helicopter again.

5. I am left handed.

6. When moving back to WA from Victoria the bus stopped at a fish and chip place on the coast in South Australia for tea. The vinegar bottle had been filled with mentholated spirits by someone at the shop. a) Metho tastes worse than it smells. b) The taste stays in your mouth for hours no matter what you have to try and get rid of it. c) I got a refund on my fish and chips.

7. My husband tells people he lives in a craft shop because my UFO’s are scattered through out the house – and I’m not just talking knitting here.

8. I can partially dislocate both my shoulders on que.

I have no idea who to tag so - anyone here who hasn't been tagged yet!?!?!?!


Blogger Michelle said...

spiderknit tagged me as well. I will try to get myself together and do this today.

8:17 am  

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