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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

for you Rowanaholics

oh dear, a sale at Wool Shack

fabulous bargains for 2008!

Over the past few years, getting deliveries of Rowan yarns and books has become increasingly difficult, with often only 50% of our orders turning up after mammouth waiting periods! Due to this enormous frustration, we have decided to cut back drastically on the yarns and books that we stock of Rowan, and keep only what sells well. We hope that this means we will be able to hold a larger selection of colours in their most popular yarns, so there will be less disappointment.

As a result, we have now put all the yarns we no longer wish to carry in a HUGE SALE!

We are also clearing lots of Rowan Magazines and Pattern Books.

This will be your last chance to purchase these yarns at The Wool Shack, so do make the most of the sale!

For those of you desperate for other Rowan Yarns, we are happy to order anything in for you that is not listed on our site, but we can only order in packs of 10! Hope this helps!


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