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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yarn Train leaving platform 1 in 1 minute RUN…

So for those of you that weren’t there we had a lovely day (although some of us are a little pinker now than we were when we got up yesterday) on yesterdays Yarn Train Extravaganza! We met at Brew-Ha in Subiaco from 10am and sat around knitting/crocheting drinking hot and cold drinks until about 11ish when we packed up and wandered over to Crossways Wool and Fabrics. (Lupinbunny taught me how to make the cool links!) I have to put my hand up here and say I think I spent the most here, I bought the yarn for my Noni Felted Bag which you can see here, I'm doing it in 2 shades of purple.

(this was unimpressed little Patrick trying on the booties Vicki had made)

Once we had all finished here we meandered down to the Subiaco train station where we did very nearly miss the train. We amused some of the people on board when we stood and knitted. At Mossman Park we found Calico & Ivy, which rumor has it has found a buyer. Lupinbunny was the big spender here… I’ll let her tell you what she got, which I may or may not have persuaded her to buy *innocent face*.

We then did miss the train to Fremantle at Mossy Park because the stupid SmartRider Tag on thingo is right up the other end of the station to the stairs. So while trying to help Michelle and Patrick up onto the station and swipe us all on the train came and went. So we sat down and knit/crochet some more.

When we finally got on the train it was too full to knit any more so we chatted about our purchases and acted like school girls, which was fun! Lupinbunny saw an old friend who informs us his mum will be opening a new quilting store up near the Galleria in Morley in about April 08. I believe it will be called Quintessential Quilts and will have a website.

Lunch was lovely, we went to the Mill Bakehouse in Fremantle (which for those of us not in the know has moved to across the road from the Italian Club). We sat, chatted, knitted/crocheted some more.

(Michelle the Knit Slayer with her bargin 20mm needles!)

Then we wandered back to Yarns on Collie. WOW! I hadn’t been here before, I was a very good girl and didn’t buy toooooooooo much, but then how much is too much anyway? It’s all relative right?!?! They stock Bilby Yarn products, roving and yarn! So of course I had to have some of that.

I think that Sandy was the big spender here, she came in just to get a couple of balls, I think to finish a project. She left with enough to make at least 2 adult jumpers and some other bit’s and pieces including the things originally on the list.

Oh and this is their front window at the moment.

After the final credit card work out (although it was 20% off all full priced yarns!) those of us not already on deadlines to be elsewhere went in search of a shady place to have a drink. The Sail & Anchor won and we sat up on the balcony.

Question, how do you freak out the freaky? Answer, Pull out your knitting at a Sunday Session!

Then we jumped back on the train, got seats! Pulled out our knitting/crocheting and made our way home with lighter purses and heavier bags (no idea how that happened Helen!)

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Blogger Michelle said...

wow! what a blog entry! and how did Patrick and I get in so many pics?

excellent day, I'm totally exhausted.

8:28 pm  
Blogger knitconvict said...

Fantastic blog entry! I'm definately one of the sunburnt ones. Ow my shoulders! Now just to work out what to do with the lush purple bamboo yarn that I wasn't intending to purchase.

Huge thanks to Michelle and Brian for driving me to the Swan Valley!

8:03 am  
Blogger Michelle said...

Our pleasure. We hope that Ethan didn't bother you too much in the back seat. I love that purple yarn...yummy.

11:11 am  
Blogger Furry with Ruffles said...

I also did some writing up on my blog - yes I have one but don't know how to do the cool links Nic. Perhaps someone can show me how to do the cool link thingy too!

3:02 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

I was gypped!

The needles are only 18mm not 20!

what do you expect for $5

9:54 am  

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