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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, hello.

Okay, 'fess up time. I'm new at this blogging thing (relatively new at this knitting thing too, but that'll come up later). So be nice to the newbie, 'k? It means I am likely to ramble unnecessarily on minor details of little interest to others, so bear with me, slap me or take me aside for quiet words like "stop" and "now".

Anyway, I thought I would give an example of a proverb. I think it goes something like ...


... at the SnB on Monday I was happily working away on my Lace Cardigan (VK Holiday 05 edition). Feeling terribly pleased with myself at the good progress I had made, and commented to a fellow knitter how proud of myself I was because I'd only had to frog four rows total since starting. (Note the smugness).

Since all had been going well and I was curious how far I was from needing to start the armhole shaping. I measure it... 31cm. About 2 cm from said shaping. I thought I should compare it to the other front of the cardigan already knitted.


It seems, somehow, a bit narrow. I pull at the lace a bit ("Needs blocking" I thought). No. Still a problem.


I look more critically at it. Hmm. It seems awfully.. narrow when I hold it against the other one. (Deep dread has set in now.)

I ... count the stitches. 47. That sounds right... I read the pattern. Yeah, 47 stitches.


I stop. I read the pattern properly, rather than just scanning it.
And then .. the full weight of the fall becomes apparent.

You see?

57 stitches is what I should have. Fifty-seven.

So.. I have now ripped out the whole piece (which was about 2/3 of the entire front right side) ... and started over. It now looks like this after a couple of days of knitting at it (I was home sick)..

And this is the pile of yet-to-be-re-knitted yarn.

The end, now.. just looks that much further away...

It's still beautiful though...


Blogger Clementine said...

Oh no!!!! What a bummer... I've done that too tho. AND I've reknit things cos I've somehow started using different sized needles— one 3.75mm and one 3.25mm... how exactly does one not notice that?!

I can't wait to start *properly* on the vogue cardy. I still haven't finished casting on, the Candygan has taken over in the "obsessive knitting" section of my brain.

2:06 pm  
Blogger Clementine said...

By the way, blether on as much as you like... as you can see, I make a habit of it.

2:07 pm  

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