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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Short N Sweet

This bolero is almost complete, yay me!! I can't believe I'll actually be finishing a garment that's wearable.. although the armholes could be a tad bigger, but pfft, it's still damn good I say..
just need to add a border in single crochet.
Apologies for for not being at SNB lately, so slack.. I hope I'll still be accepted since I've crossed over to the 'dark side.. I no longer knit!! well, not for now anyways :o) will be there next week!! Get into crochet, it's great!!


Blogger Michelle said...

I like. Is that a skull pattern?
just asking.

10:21 am  
Blogger jazzyknits said...

actually no, but, now you mention it....

11:33 am  
Blogger Angela said...

I've heard this comment before. Great job BTW. Angela 'La Vonne' Best

9:48 am  

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