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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


don't suppose anyone has a couple of packs of kool-aid lying about that i can buy off them? i'm coming a couple of packs short for a dying project, and noone has good prices/ flavour choices on ebay right at this very nansecond (wait a week? hell no! i'm too impatient).

am after pinky/ purple colours - one pacl of pink lemonade, strawberry, black cherry or grape (need two packs in total); or one of the above and two of watermelon (i think. is watermelon very similar to cherry?)


Blogger Michelle said...

i think the cherry is darker. I should ask my family to send me packets of kool-aid with my cards and such. I was never able to find the green ones though. You can use food colouring instead, it works really well. Just be sure to add white vinegar to set the colour.

10:07 am  
Blogger spider_knit said...

Heya. I have a stash of ebay-bought koolaid. I'll bring it next SnB if you like, or, if you'd like it sooner you can come visit me (I'm on holidays to then end of the week, and in the new place).

I don't have it here right now, but recall having a lot of reds and oranges and yellows. No watermelon, I'm sure, but might have others.

Let me know.

10:23 am  
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