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Friday, March 23, 2007

Fishy fishy!

Thanks everyone for the fish parts and fin knitting (Helen). Fishy was much appreciated by the Birthday girl and now lives happily near the more slippery variety above the office tank. I have pictures but my work computer keeps thinking it's disconnected from the net if I try to upload them.

This week I've been using my downtime at work to search for the perfect cardi pattern. I used to have a plain black cardi that I wore all the time, but lost it on the way to Australia. So I'm looking for one that isn't too boring to knit, but is simple enough for the office. No luck so far, maybe I should think up a different knitting project and just buy a cardi from Target. Or design one. Hmmmmm.


Blogger Gem said...

there are some cute cardigans in the erika knight 'classic' book that aren't too dull. there's a 'military' one and a 'grace kelly' one that i like.

8:50 am  

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