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Thursday, June 15, 2006

well... anatolia is growing... i'm hoping that if i'm lazy enough to not study today i might finish the front by the weekend. of course, miserably repeating units because i was more interested in knitting is a relatively good discentive.

i will post pictures of finished objects when i have the time... i have a real nice one skein wonder made of jo sharp silkroad aran tweed. it's 'willow'. the really pale green between the charcoal and the mauve near the bottom. i love that yarn. really, if i could have a life supply of one yarn, it'd be silkroad aran tweed. even if it is the weirdest, most obscure gauge in the world.


Blogger Clementine said...

I have miserably repeated so many units because of knitting and Blythes taking over my brain. I remember sitting down to do an essay once (media ethics, bleurgh) and then somehow coming up with a beautiful pattern for a jumper and then having to go shopping for the yarn and then.... yes, well. Suffice it to say the essay was only two weeks late. The jumper took two weeks to knit, coincidence perhaps?

It's amazing how many knitting patterns come up when you google for "media ethics + public relations"... (ahem).

2:10 pm  

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