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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i'm going to break the no-knitting-anything-till-anatolia's-done rule.
i'm still only allowed to knit anatolia at home, but she ain't exactly a portable project, given the six balls of yarn and all.
and my uni timetable is horrid - full of two and three hour breaks. too long to mooch, to short to go do something. so today i am taking my sari yarn to uni. i intend to wind it into a ball in a quiet corner of the library (given that i self-wind by stretching the skein out over my thighs, which then get spread enough to hold the yarn taut ;) ), and knit it on portable circulars. it'll be a scarf (no surprises). Stitch-type i haven't quite worked out yet. i'd like it smooth like stocking stitch, but i don't have enough yarn to allow for the border curl. maybe stripes of stocking and garter.

i have pictures (and yarns in the story sense) of my Kool-Aid dying, but my camera died just as i went to upload the piccies onto my computer, and i haven't recharged it yet.
and while i like those socks, i am Not In. I Am Never Knitting A Sock Ever Again. I have profound sock trauma. So there.


Blogger Clementine said...

but you don't have to do sock! i am not a sucker enough to do socks... we have shared our sock trauma. i think i am doing something scarfy. or maybe bag-like.

also, how far through anatolia are you?

10:20 am  

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