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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Someone was making arch comments about me having a solo blog. And that I didn't post it..

Let's face it, I really don't think you lot want my ramblings in volume cluttering up craftyaction.

It's here anyway -- A Geek's Adventures in Knitting. I'm comfortable and resigned to my geekiness. So there.

I keep clinging to the fact that it must be okay, as people keep being surprised by the fact that I:
  • knit
  • play computer games
  • play online computer games (of the non-shooting up stuff variety)
  • play D&D (yes that thing with the 20 sided dice)
  • am a mother
  • believe cooking is a high art, and one worth learning.

I don't see the surprise myself, but having people become (literally) slack-jawed in shock at each of the above (though at different times), I somehow don't have the right 'look' for my various pursuits.

I don't know why that is.

See? Note the distracted rambling? This is why I post on my own blog mostly..


Blogger Clementine said...

erm... i am that someone. and i wasn't being arch! just... flippant? hmm.

nope, not flippant either.
ah well.
i think the word i am looking for is 'irritating' or possibly 'smug'. yup, they seem to fit.

also, i think you're mixing with the wrong kind of people. none of those things seem remotely shocking to non-boring people.

wish i could explain that to my co-workers, who call me Nanna....

12:02 pm  

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