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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Open letter to Debbie Bliss:
Dear Ms Bliss,
I quite like your yarns. Well, I've never used them, and noone in Perth stocks Cathay but I saw a shade chart that was quite convincing, and I am going to hit ebay hard.
My problem, Ms Bliss, is with you refusal to name your yarns. Just calling the shades '01', '02', etc is confusing. It becomes more confusing still Ms Bliss, given your insistence upon releasing seasonal shades. See, I'm pretty sure that you've released Cathay yarns under the same number, in a SIMILAR, but far from identical colour, in different seasons. If you'd damn well given the things different names - celery and pistachio, say or candy and rose - I could tell if the yarn I am about to buy is actually the same as the sample card I've seen, the sample cards available on your site, the sample cards available on merchants' sites, or the photograph on ebay.
Please consider rectifying this situation. Making up colour-names is fun. I'll even do it for free if you want.

Yours sincerely,

PS: Did you ever release a really dusky pink in Cathay, or is it just that sickly lolly pink photographed in poor light?

everyone else: Which of these shades do you think most suitable for that vogue top? i'm thinking the teal colour, or do you think i'll lose the Victorian-ness too much with teal? Maybe the duck egg blue, but i think the colour mayn't look the best on me (and for reference, shades 11 and 12 are not what they seem to be there. in reality, they are LURID). really am sold on the cathay. crossways had some okay mercerised cotton but it wasn't shiny enough; and their wool/silk blend was too shiny *sigh*.


Blogger spider_knit said...

I vote for number 08 or 17 - the two pale blues (I believed I suggested the Wedgewood style blue if possible.)

And I have a p.s. for Ms. Bliss...

Could you maybe consider a nice clear green at some point, instead of only icky khaki? (Speaking of which don't you think that word totally suggests the colour?)

8:10 pm  
Blogger lupinbunny said...

yes. khaki=icky. i actually briefly considered a nice, not quite clear but cleaner than khaki green for this top. sadly, ms bliss is not going for it.

i was scared the duck egg blue would wash me out too much, and i couldn't tangibly hold the yarn against my face to check (the trial of being pale!). so i opted for... da da da dah! limited edition Wine colour (or '19' according to Debs).

i have to say, of all big-name yarn designers, jo sharp does the colourways i love the most.

9:36 pm  
Blogger Clementine said...

yeah, i was gonna suggest 19. or 07, cos you know me and my obsession with that teal-y blue colour... all three cardies i am knitting are in that kind of colour. Accidentally! whoops.

ooh, which reminds me: xways has a really nice mercerised cotton by bouton d'or which is in the same nice electricy blue as my candygan. buy it! it's good! (and it will stop me buying it). plus, i think it's on sale.

11:59 am  

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