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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, enough of this blogging 'hiatus'! Seems like nobody has much to say at the moment. I blame the weather! Too cold to type over here, and everyone's on summer holidays in the northern hemisphere.

It is, however, fantastic knitting weather but for some reason, things are progressing way too slowly. I am still working on the Apocalype hoodie I started six weeks ago (the first took a week to knit), and Knitty's Candy is also taking way longer than it should. I am onto the sleeves now, and it's apparently all cruisy downhill from here... we shall see. I will post pics when I get the sleeves finished.

I had to rip out all of the Vogue lace cardigan because I worked 20cm of the back before realising it was huge. It wrapped around me and met at my bellybutton, which is not exactly ideal when it's also supposed to have front panels. I'd done three gauge swatches for it because I was concerned about getting gauge in lace, and I thought I had it down, so it took me ages to admit that it was all going wrong (stubborn, moi?).

I spent two weeks wondering what went wrong until I realised I'd knit the swatches on steel needles and the actual cardigan on bamboo, and so of course my gauge would change. I didn't need to pull the yarn so tight on the bamboo, so it was much looser. It was one of those 'duh!' moments.

The pattern recommends 5mm needles, and I ended up using 4mm needles, so I dread to think what size I will be going down to when I make swatches on bamboo needles. Also, frogging all that Kid Seta was painful. But I shall persevere (yes, being stubborn has its upside) and when I am finished at least one of the three cardigans I am currently working on, I will start again.


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