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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hmmm.. so the image is a little dark, but look! that's about a third of the Vogue high neck lace top!
i can unknit about as fast i can knit now, given the ridiculously complex lace and my refusal to scrutinise lace charts closely before happily digging the sticks in.
i've added an extra two inches of stocking stitch, because the pattern as given ends just below the bellybutton. less flattering for the girl who wears her jeans just above her pubic bone (far be it for me to fight the vagaries of fashion).
you can't see from the pic, but i'm worried the little blobby 'knot stitches' above the lace panel looks less like knots and more like warts/ terrible knitting accidents. they pop out an awful lot.

i'm now deliberately holding off buying the much needed anatolia needles. this baby is whipping up so quickly (i started on the weekend), and is such an interesting challenge that i don't want to go back to the slipstitch just yet. and if i keep up the pace, it'll be finished and i'll be back to anatolia before this stormy weather halts.


Blogger spider_knit said...

oohhh very nice work. I look forward to seeing it in person. It's actually got me reconsidering knitting one in the red yarn I have stashed, even though it didn't appeal on first look.

6:02 pm  
Blogger lupinbunny said...

yeah. *sniffle* it should be a breeze since i'll have already ploughed through all the stupidity in the pattern for you.

it is nice, except for the warts.

8:54 am  

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