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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where it's At.
My promise to not knit another thing till Anatolia was finished fell to pieces.
i've finished the sari silk neckwarmer (such a silly word, neckwarmer, even if that's what it does. I shall call it a miniscarf). it's totally munted. i dropped and gained stitches like a career streetfighter, and the eyelets didn't match evenly across the bottom. but who cares? it looks okay and was fun to knit. actually, it was so much fun that i want more sari silk, more! i want to knit EVERYTHING in sari silk! if anyone wants to split a bulk wholesale purchase from india (c/o ebay) let me know (about $60 inc postage for a kilo of yarn).

i'm well into a gauge swatch for the vogue top (stitches are still a wee bit wibbly when i knit continental).

Anatolia is on hiatus because I lost a needle.
No, i don't know how i did it. well, it happened somewhere between my bedroom (where i knit), my car, badly coloured boy's place (where i take my knitting) and returning home again.
But I only have one 3mm needle, and when i went to spotlight last week to buy another they only had aluminium 3mms and i want the slight spring you get in bamboo to save my hands from that teeny weeny gauge.
still, the enforced hiatus has given me new energy for (that and the realisation that i only own two wearable jumpers) to make those damn sleeves and finish her off.


Blogger Clementine said...

hmm... sari silk in bulk, you say? sounds like it could be fun...

so it works out to $30 for 500g, correct? what did the skeins you bought at claremont weigh?

i'm def. interested.

4:47 pm  

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