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Thursday, August 17, 2006

it looks like warts! all those cute little polka dots are messy and blobby and knobbly! i am definitely ripping them out, but i don't know what to replace them with... my dilemma is explained in great detail here, so go give me some advice.
the dumb old vogue pattern isn't helping either. huh, 'vague pattern' more like it. it's four stars of hardness not because the pattern is hard, but they don't include a whole heap of details. like, that you should continue the wart-pattern while doing the short row shaping. you've got to guess that from the picture. not that i've done the short rows yet. i'm right up to them, but i'm going to rip back to that lace panel (which is slightly nicer than it looks in the picture in real life).
grump, grump grump.
at least i finally got a button to finish my sari silk miniscarf. i really wanted a clear plastic one, but couldn't find one in the sewing stuff. then i found a spare button stitched to the care label of my overpriced peter alexander PJs. I knew there was a reason i paid so much for sleepwear!


Blogger spider_knit said...

This is an unhelpful comment.

Mostly, it's just to reassure you that I *am* looking, but haven't thought of anything helpful as yet.

I would say try the different options and see what you like best.


In my (limited) experience, bobbles tend to look not so great close up (like when you're knitting them) but fine as part of an overall pattern - when you're looking at the whole thing and not just tiny bits of it.

Good luck.

6:00 pm  
Blogger Clementine said...

having now seen it in person, i can confirm that when you look at this as a whole piece, it looks fine.

hope the home run goes smoothly...

12:11 pm  
Blogger Clementine said...

yo, that was a really boring comment. probably cos i deleted the bit about how normally knitted bobbles make me think of genital warts, because i thought it would probably offend someone. damn self-censorship.

12:12 pm  

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