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Friday, September 29, 2006

posts are coming thick and fast: both sleeves done and done. blocking in the bathroom as i type. resisted the urge to buy blonde wood buttons (my personal weakness); or buttons with sparkles in. have suitable maroon buttons to finish neckline.* if i get myself into gear i could in fact have this top finished to wear out tomorrow night (highschool friend is over from melbourne for a weekend. meaning i and her and twelve others will eat and drink ourselves stupid. mmmm....). but i'm scared someone (namely me) will spill something on it.

* and, thanks to spotlight's vicious, seductress ways, i also bought 20.3m of ribbon. also maroon, translucent, sparkly, 5cm wide and 10c per metre on clearance! (i bought the roll. classy, enviro-friendly xmas wrapping here i come!) and i nearly bought scarf style (yeah. they had a copy at spotlight. go figure). and also nearly bought some printed felt, and some jersey to make a top, and some yarn on clearance....


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