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Monday, August 28, 2006

Despite promising LupinBunny I wouldn't go to the book sale until Saturday(giving her ample time to buy all the knitting books), I caved in and went on Friday night.

I was just explaining to my little buddy Trin that we were heading straight to the craft section to get to all the knitting books before Ms Bunny got them, when.... DOOM! Who do I see, but the rabbit herself. D'oh!

She's listed below what she ended up with, but it can basically be summarised as "all the good stuff". When I asked what was left, she grinned and said "Oh, I think there's a book on crochet in there somewhere..."

Hah. There was also 'Knitting in Vogue' 1, 2 and 3; 'Funky Knitting' (which I plan on giving to Trin when she is old enough to read knitting patterns), a book called "How to Spin Your Own Wool And Dye It And Spin It' (which my inner sub-editor insists should be called 'How to Spin, Dye and Weave Your Own Wool'... but my inner sub-editor is crap, because look at how much I ramble) ... and my new favourite book, Pam Brown's Knitting Encyclopaedia.

The Knitting Encyclopaedia isn't exhaustive, it's more of a basic knitting guide, but with actual useful details. It should be called “Remedial Knitting 101 (special ed.)" or “So you think you can knit? You can’t! You’re doing it all wrong! But I will help you.”

...Well, that last one is a bit long and unwieldy, but it pretty much sums up the book. Suddenly I understand things which went straight over my head I read them elsewhere. And by things, I mean, really basic things...

I guess it's confession time. I am really a crap knitter.

With a little help from my new knitting guru, I finally worked out left slanting decrease and right slanting decrease. You know how you can see something written so many times in different ways, but still not really get it, but then someone rewords it just a little bit and suddenly it all clicks? That happened.

I also discovered I was doing SSK wrong! Whoops. No wonder it never looked quite right. I did start off doing it correctly, but then I forgot and never bothered to check: "ah, yeah, I think it's done like that"... it wasn't.

Now I am on a mission to learn and understand the in/de-crease stitches in all their forms. And then I will get on to the cast ons/offs, which I also never really bothered to learn unless a pattern specified which one to use.
If it doesn't specify, I just go “Ah, stuff it, I’ll just use one I already know!” which is really lazy. And also a really bad idea, because there are different cast-ons FOR A REASON. I just never bothered to find out what that reason is, until now.

So yeah. Now everyone knows my little secret. Please don't judge me! With God's help (or Pam Brown's help) I will overcome my total lack of knowledge, and one day... one day... I will knit well!


Blogger lupinbunny said...

wanna know something? i use the same cast on and off for everything.

actually, i only recently learnt that (i think. this might be wrong) casting off while maintaining a rib pattern is tubular cast off? i didn't realise it was something 'special'.

and my mum taught me to cast on a slightly odd way, which left one with a loopy edge. i thought it was a slightly retarded cable cast on. so i ditched that for cable cast on proper. in the last IK Knit, i learnt that her cast on method is the appropriate one for lace knitting.

so there ya go. sometimes you know more than you realise.

10:29 am  

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