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Saturday, August 26, 2006

my knittin'-booty from the Save the Children book sale stands thus:
- Small stitch dictionary, which i really quite like (for its size)
- 1960s(?) Patonyle 'stitches and patterns' booklet. Stitches good, patterns boring.
- Some 1970s book of stitches and patterns that i haven't looked at closely yet.

I was hopeful of finding a Reader's Digest knitting encyclopedia, or a Vogue one. but nothin' doing. No RD Sewing Encyclopedias either! (kicking myself for not buying one of the three i saw at a book sale last year).

(i also bought two old TimeLife cookery books that i didn't have. Eggs and Cheese, and Preserving. Jams and 'Eggs Glaz'd With Cucumbers'* for all!

* blergh. I hate eggs. they make me throw up. this recipe is the grossest thing i can think of. luckily the cheese section is good. even tells you how to make ricotta.


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