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Thursday, September 28, 2006

so i put one capped sleeve ruffle thing on.
i put it on real neat like, weaving in all the ends and everything.
now i've decided that ruffle (reduced from the all-encompassing, arm-pit tickling monstrosity in the pattern) is actually too small. i want to extends all the way down the front of the armhole, just not into the arm-pit bit.


so i'm working on ruffle number two. i will put that on, and if i decide it's okay, then i will unpick and frog the other ruffle and redo it.

i think in total i will actually have knit 1.5 tops by the time this is finished.

and the frustrating part is that i really want to re-use the yarn from the too-small ruffle, because then i may finish the top with a whole, untouched ball of yarn to spare. so i can't just go hacking away at the too-small ruffle with scissors, which is really what i want to do.


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