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Friday, March 23, 2007

rotary fair

the claremont rotary fair is on again this sunday. actually, i think rotary don't organise it anymore, and it's actually the claremont lifestyle fair, but that sounds like an exhibition for reiki healers, so i'm gonna stick with tradition.

it's at the park near the corner of stirling hwy and bayview tce, claremont.

now, i cannot be the only person who enjoys rifling through rich people's offcasts, so i encourage you all to attend. i haven't had much luck with yarn, admittedly, though i have scored some excellent pattern books. the book stall is popular, what with all the Beige Mothers ditching all their bookclub books that they never read anyway. and getting rid of their deceased mother's craft books. also the general junk has provided a useful source of vintage linens and typewriters in the past (this area is not usually so dirt cheap as the books or as, say, a suburban op-shop, but it really can be worth it).

clothes tend to be snapped up by tweens by about 9.15am. i usually privelege books over clothes, so i miss out on the latter. if going i recommend you turn up for 9am.


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