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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Look What I've Been Given!!!

I feel v.lucky.. A client of ours is having her aircraft painted that she built (I work for my family business, we spraypaint aircraft) and we got to talking and turned out she owns alpacas and does a lot of felting & knitting etc!! Anyhoo, she has a friend who gets the yarn spun over in Vic and gave me this suri alpaca yarn you see in the pic! What to do with it?? There's only 3 skeins.. and it doesn't say anything about metreage.. but I just had to share :)

I have completed the back of my jo sharp pink cardigan and will start the left & right fronts this evening.. I'm determined to finish it!! I've also almost completed the back of this jumper (below) from Rowan Studio #1... so fast to knit up... I'm using that el-cheapo grey acrylic/mohair Patons Caressa I got in's not the best, but I got the perfect gauge with it and just wanted to use it up.. if the jumper fits good I'll make it again in the kidsilk haze ..only requires 6 balls and that's with 2 strands held together! So really only the 3 balls for a whole jumper!!

FYI. At Crossways they have a heap of yarn from tassie out the back that isn't even on the shelves yet!! The lady there told me they'd love to see it gone! So what you waitin' for, get in there! It's lovely soft yarn, and they have mohair too.. I bought 9 hanks in rich green !! They're a good price at $6.50ea or so..Jeez I sound like Crossways' wool pimp!!


Blogger Clementine said...

oooh, i HAVE to visit xways now. i wonder if i can go in my lunch hour, i have SERIOUS yarn deprivation at the moment.

you should invite her to stitch'n'bitch, she sounds like an awesome lady!

9:22 am  
Blogger jazzyknits said...

yes I was thinking the exact same thing, I'll give her the details tomorrow when I see her, although she lives out in Serpentine, so could be a fair way out for her!

6:10 pm  

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