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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Must knit a cardigan, must knit a cardigan.

I'm still on my search for the perfect cardigan pattern. I like Serrano from Knitty, but definately don't like the hook and eye closure so would need to change that to a zip or buttons. I'd probably knit in a larger than figure hugging size as well. Even if I don't choose this one, I think I've definately settled on a 4-ply lace cardi, so now I just need to SHOP for yarn!

I'm liking Knitpicks gloss, but I'll need to find out the yardage and study someone's colour card. Do I go black to go with everything and good for work? (Can I handle knitting lace in black) The purple looks yummy on screen and the dusk might be nice too. I really like the look of pumpkin and sage but they are colours I don't really wear so won't go with anything else I have.

Oh the big decisions in life.


Blogger Clementine said...

ooh, i ordered a heap of knitpicks gloss so you can fondle away, next monday. i have NO idea what i am going to do with it but it will be fun coming up with a suitable pattern at least :)

9:24 am  

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