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Thursday, October 05, 2006

i was complaining to a friend over the weekend that i wished that badly coloured boy would show more interest in my knitting (read: buy me some damn yarn. he does maintain a sufficient interest in the projects i am actually knitting).
then on monday i showed him in quick sucession some noro yarn and a rowan patternbook, emphasising how expensive rowan was.
then last night i had a terrible angst about how i was about to fail every single one of my units.
his response was to tell me to set myself a target average mark. if i met it, he would buy me a subscription to 'nnrrrow magazine'.
'you mean rowan?'
'Yeah! That one!'
*Clare freaks out about the cost and refuses* (you may berate me later)
'Well, okay. If you get 60% you get one ball of yarn, 70% and you get two, 75% and you get three. Plus some really nice needles.'

Despite the slightly deranged maths (oh, two balls of yarn. how, um, useful darling) i am very touched. And I intend to aim high and get me those damn needles (i think i will claim them no matter what my mark is). After all, i think the overarching sentiment was 'make it through the semester and i will take you yarn shopping'.
surprisingly inspirational.


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