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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

craft and wool shops down south

Hi all,
At the end of May, we are heading down south to a farm in Pingelly. This is near Brookton. I'm not familiar with this area. Any wool shops I need to visit? Alpaca farms? Or orchards, vineyards?

thanks for your help


Blogger jazzyknits said...

I'm looking for you on I typed in 'wool' and 'brookton WA'..there's a craft store in Northam, but have no idea how close or far that is to Pingelly/Brookton area!!! sorry.. will keep snooping around, hehe

3:57 pm  
Blogger Michelle said...

actually Northam is a bit closer to us up here. just found out pingelly is only as far south as Mandurah. not exactly way down south. i looked at a website about pingelly and it said 'There is nothing in Pingelly that a tourist would be interested in..' hah!

anyway, i know the farm we are staying at happens to have 2 alpacas!

8:16 pm  

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