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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stupid Sock Creatures

I heart Stitch'n'Bitchers. In particular, I heart Helen, who gave me this fantastic book: Stupid Sock Creatures. So I did not get much knitting done last night, but I am so in love with these little sock creatures that I went home and pulled out every sock I own (I have a bit of a sock obsession, so this is quite a few. A few years ago, my mother visited, and she was horrified at the number of socks... she counted 42 pairs, and 6 odds. That was okay though, it was really only the 60-odd black tshirts she really had a problem with*).

But anyway... you should go and buy this book:

Stupid Sock Creatures
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* Before I am accused of being the Imelda Marcos of socks/black tshirts, I will just point out that these were mostly shared with my then-girlfriend. I guess that's why lesbians frequently end up looking like their partners... in the same way that dogs look like their owners?


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