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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

beads for knitting

I just found a nice pattern for a hat in Knitpicks shine
it requires 24 size 4/0 beads for the band.

where is the best place to find such beads?
nice ones?
would Spotlight have them?


Blogger Clementine said...

Yes, Spotlight is a good call. There are also a heap of bead shops around— I know of some in Freo and North Perth, let me know if you want addresses.

8:31 am  
Blogger jazzyknits said...

the Bead Co is great, although it seems spotlite have really broadened their range of beads.. what type of beads you after? I have stacks of seed beads in reds, yellows, orange, greens, etc. what colour you need?
Also there are great online bead stores such as &

10:35 am  
Blogger Michelle said...

I think they are seed beads but obviously larger, I will have to look at what colors of yarn I have, i don't remember.

10:53 am  

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