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Friday, October 20, 2006

While Yarn Monkey's Sock Wars are waging strong, this little Sock Warrior is out of the battle. I was killed last week by a snuggly soft pair of bright blue socks— I guess it could be worse! To the remaining soldiers.... Stay strong, knit fast and pray for a decent postal service!

Though I have been killed in the Sock Wars, I assure you I'm not dead in real life. Sure, I haven't posted in... umm... a long time, but I have a valid excuse!! I've been too busy knitting! I've done about half of Katie's Razor Cami, and a variety of socks and I also have been spinning (so addictive!!). And probably worst of all, I've also been playing with my new toy— a brand spankin' new MacBook. Hooray! We are getting broadband installed very shortly, and between that and the Blonde's new digital camera, there should be a whole pile of of backlogged "look at my knitting!" type posts. Wheee!


Blogger Michelle said...

Telstra screwed up our broadband order (just sitting there doing nothing for 3 weeks!), we reordered and hope and pray that this week it will arrive!

I started the second sock! and already eyeing more opal sock yarn...yum.

10:51 am  

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