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Sunday, June 10, 2007

yarn and spaghettoi - both long and skinny and delicious.

anyone know anything about making pasta dough at home? Specifically, if I dry out egg pasta dough, how long can I keep it for? I mean, it has raw eggs in it... But then, people do seem to dry it in little nests and keep it...

Not *quite* knitting related, I grant you. But all part of my Martha Stewart campaign to take over the world.


Blogger spider_knit said...

Homemade fresh pasta, even when dried, will grow mould.

You can, however, freeze it and it still tastes good.

This is how the little old Italian lady who taught me to make pasta (better anyway) used to deal with hers.


11:23 am  
Blogger jazzyknits said...

yeah, you make the dough, leave it in clingwrap for 30mins or so in fridge then make your pasta with it straight away.. I've used jamie olivers recipe.. worked out good.. v.basic...

1:40 pm  

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