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Friday, February 29, 2008

even the Mayans liked their bling

blue glitter paint, excellent

Handcrafters House Sale

in Midland, see below

one week only

Thursday, February 28, 2008


love the mushrooms

now we are knitting with mohair, and a commission

Hi all,
after the happy collection of the knitpicks order, I was gifted with a huge bag of seemingly discontinued yarns.
One of them was Sirdar's Kid Mohair in a pretty grey blue. Enough to make a jumper. anyone have any suggestions? the gauge is 23.5sts/10cm. Is that DK, 8ply or sport? or all 3? Any and all suggestions for knitting with mohair will be taken.

also, I was given a large amount of white cotton yarn. Would anyone be willing to knit little patrick a small white cotton jacket or cardigan out of this? For his baptism? I will pay for your time and effort. You would have a month and a half. I know that I would be unable to finish it.

just let me know.

Net Granny

need a knitting granny?

Monday, February 25, 2008

an article on my favorite color

mmm. purple

Saturday, February 23, 2008

loobylu is back

she stopped blogging about a year ago, but is now back. go take a gander.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Would you like to buy a sheep?

makes me tired just looking at it


I'm continuing on with the quest for flippin' hip business cards for the Mount Lawley Knitta Crew.

Hence, a new Flickr account. The user name is craftyaction6050 (craftyaction was taken, so we have the Mt Lawley postcode too.
There is an e-mail address associated with that user name (had to get a yahoo address to get a flickr ID) so if someone wants to take it over (I won't remember to check it, you could set up a mail forward though) it could replace Clem's e-mail address, if she wants (want, Clem? Or not?)

The password I'll e-mail y'all. Then start uploading your much beloved knitting photos. If you're unsure about moo cards, they are quite a funny size, so a nice modelling shot of your favourite jumper might not fit on so well. The images can be cropped when the cards are made, but you might want to think about whether the image would still look good if there was a narrow rectangular crop over part of it.

I love it

When husbands agree to model sparkly hats.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

for you Rowanaholics

oh dear, a sale at Wool Shack

fabulous bargains for 2008!

Over the past few years, getting deliveries of Rowan yarns and books has become increasingly difficult, with often only 50% of our orders turning up after mammouth waiting periods! Due to this enormous frustration, we have decided to cut back drastically on the yarns and books that we stock of Rowan, and keep only what sells well. We hope that this means we will be able to hold a larger selection of colours in their most popular yarns, so there will be less disappointment.

As a result, we have now put all the yarns we no longer wish to carry in a HUGE SALE!

We are also clearing lots of Rowan Magazines and Pattern Books.

This will be your last chance to purchase these yarns at The Wool Shack, so do make the most of the sale!

For those of you desperate for other Rowan Yarns, we are happy to order anything in for you that is not listed on our site, but we can only order in packs of 10! Hope this helps!

teaching 5 year olds to knit

I must be insane. I suggested to Ethan's year1 teacher that I could come in and teach the kids to knit sometime. I figure they could make needles out of dowels, pencil sharpeners and that clay that you cook hard.

at least if they can't learn knitting, they can make the needles and have a good time.

year 1 teacher extraordinaire

hedgehog mania

cute. i like green and orange

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

oh hai


local events of interest

Helen was asking about the Whiteman Park Alpaca Show.....

It is happening this year
April 26, 27th at Whiteman Park

the Gidgegannup Agricultural Society Show is October 25


Monday, February 18, 2008

anyone try this?

New Zealand company.

Kaffe Fassett

I didn't know he painted as well!

and obviously a tea lover. yay!

who bought her first significantly priced (for me) piece of art yesterday. I'll post it here when we hang it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moo cards

these are the cards that Claire mentioned to make business Stitch n Bitch cards for us.

very cute

Yarn Train leaving platform 1 in 1 minute RUN…

So for those of you that weren’t there we had a lovely day (although some of us are a little pinker now than we were when we got up yesterday) on yesterdays Yarn Train Extravaganza! We met at Brew-Ha in Subiaco from 10am and sat around knitting/crocheting drinking hot and cold drinks until about 11ish when we packed up and wandered over to Crossways Wool and Fabrics. (Lupinbunny taught me how to make the cool links!) I have to put my hand up here and say I think I spent the most here, I bought the yarn for my Noni Felted Bag which you can see here, I'm doing it in 2 shades of purple.

(this was unimpressed little Patrick trying on the booties Vicki had made)

Once we had all finished here we meandered down to the Subiaco train station where we did very nearly miss the train. We amused some of the people on board when we stood and knitted. At Mossman Park we found Calico & Ivy, which rumor has it has found a buyer. Lupinbunny was the big spender here… I’ll let her tell you what she got, which I may or may not have persuaded her to buy *innocent face*.

We then did miss the train to Fremantle at Mossy Park because the stupid SmartRider Tag on thingo is right up the other end of the station to the stairs. So while trying to help Michelle and Patrick up onto the station and swipe us all on the train came and went. So we sat down and knit/crochet some more.

When we finally got on the train it was too full to knit any more so we chatted about our purchases and acted like school girls, which was fun! Lupinbunny saw an old friend who informs us his mum will be opening a new quilting store up near the Galleria in Morley in about April 08. I believe it will be called Quintessential Quilts and will have a website.

Lunch was lovely, we went to the Mill Bakehouse in Fremantle (which for those of us not in the know has moved to across the road from the Italian Club). We sat, chatted, knitted/crocheted some more.

(Michelle the Knit Slayer with her bargin 20mm needles!)

Then we wandered back to Yarns on Collie. WOW! I hadn’t been here before, I was a very good girl and didn’t buy toooooooooo much, but then how much is too much anyway? It’s all relative right?!?! They stock Bilby Yarn products, roving and yarn! So of course I had to have some of that.

I think that Sandy was the big spender here, she came in just to get a couple of balls, I think to finish a project. She left with enough to make at least 2 adult jumpers and some other bit’s and pieces including the things originally on the list.

Oh and this is their front window at the moment.

After the final credit card work out (although it was 20% off all full priced yarns!) those of us not already on deadlines to be elsewhere went in search of a shady place to have a drink. The Sail & Anchor won and we sat up on the balcony.

Question, how do you freak out the freaky? Answer, Pull out your knitting at a Sunday Session!

Then we jumped back on the train, got seats! Pulled out our knitting/crocheting and made our way home with lighter purses and heavier bags (no idea how that happened Helen!)

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Does anyone have a copy of Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays?
It's not any WA library, and I'm rather wanting to make the counterpane carpet bag.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I think we need an excursion to Booragoon...

mmm, Bilbys


Beautiful quilt and sock blocking question

Here is finally a photo of the gorgeous quilt that Ruth made for Patrick. Note the Aussie theme.

and a question for the 'Knittrainers', do any of the yarn shops that we are visiting sell wooden sock blockers? I would be interested in a pair.

see you tomorrow

replicating this?

any of you designers think you could help me to replicate the design in the first picture?

oh, if I only had the time!

shawl construction

i find this very interesting.
i also wish i could knit and walk


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Which one?

So, I have my Secret Santa variegated laceweight (in several beautiful colours). I want to do a stole, rather than a pointy shawl as I already have one of those. I've been looking on Ravelry at patterns that look good in variegated, and have finally narrowed it down to two! I don't care about paying for the pattern but I can't decide between them.

So votes for either Sarcelle or Sea & Shells Stole are very welcome!


Sea & Shells Stole:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

If I knew how to crochet better I'd make you all a little heart.

if any crocheters want to do this....

i have some Red Heart yarn you can use, in a nice burgandy color.

For those of you not on a yarn diet.

Sale ends on March 7th, Aus Eastern Daylight Time; Sale does not apply to custom orders.

Merino Mohair Lace - 10% off Merino Lace Sock - 30% off Merino Slim Sock - 10% off
Merino Chubby Sock - 10% off Merino Cashmere sock - 10% off Silk Merino DK - 20% off

The Knittery.....mmmm

who will not buy from them until she knits up the sock yarn she bought from them

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Add this blog to your blogfeed reader


exceptional knitting tips & tricks. Recommended with clear diagrams.


love it.

Not about knitting, about gardening

which i think is pretty darn crafty. I want to grow Daikon radishes. Anyone have a suggestion where I could get seedlings or seeds?

who purchased wavy petunias, beetroot and lemon balm yesterday

Stash Reduction '08

Anyone want to join me in a 'Stash-along'? I need to reduce my stash after the current Knitpicks order and Knit-train outing.

'Bob' is being made out of stash.
and i've decided to make my cold friend in Massachusetts a hat, completely out of stash.



why can this person create gorgeous microknit jumpers and I have problems with holes in my socks?


Friday, February 08, 2008


oh my.......what is it?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

it isn't thread!

it is obviously yarn

makes me want to go to Melbourne

Monday, February 04, 2008

was this ad completely stolen from some knitting book?

I swear I saw that picture in the Stitch n Bitch book?

Isn't he cute when he is sleeping?

Baby Bib O' Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Hooray for fast baby projects!

Ok all you knitpickers...I will be collecting your orders this week will confirm and try to make the order on Thurs or Fri. So get your orders in! Helen alone will bring us over the $50 free shipping. I will try to calculate the translation from American $ to Aussie $. It has been pretty constant at 88-89cents American. Once our 'dealer' posts it from California, I'll find out how much postage, and how she would like that sent. I have some American money here.

see ya
famous tea lady

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I bought it!!!

I bit the bullet and bought the pattern. The lovely ladies at Crossways have the yarns I want to make it from on hold until our train trip on 16 Feb!

Hubby rolled his eyes when it arrived and I jumpped up and down with excitement!

Today Tonight

Vicki told me she saw the promo for our tea segment on Today Tonight. Should be screening Monday night, channel 7, 6:30.

go ahead, laugh at me.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Pakucho cotton!

Yay! My cotton order has arrived at work today! The Pakucho cotton is lovely, soft and a little bit shiny, although it looks like it will be very splitty.

I'm going to make a baby kimono out of it, and it has to be done, blocked and gifted by 10.30am next Sunday. I really wish I'd brought some needles to work so I could start swatching in my lunchbreak.

It's for Andy's cousin who is pregnant with her first. She's having a baby shower (that sounds so american!) next Sunday, so of course I've decided to knit something at the last minute.

It's a baby kimono though right, I should be able to do it quickly shouldn't I?